Team America: World Police
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Team America: World Police 2004

Popular Broadway actor Gary Johnston is recruited by the elite counter-terrorism organization Team America: World Police. As the world begins to crumble around him, he must battle with terrorists, celebrities and falling in love...

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I don't know if anybody remembers a show called the Thunderbirds, but this movie is what it is a take off from. Total marionettes. Would be cool if there were some links to that old show. Every time I think of the one scene where she leaves/gives him a present, so warm and loving, and thoughtful, I cringe and LMAO. A classic scene not soon forgot.
Not my kind of movie but I still finished it. Laughed a bit too.

Sometimes I rolled my eyes,sometimes I said ew,sometimes I laughed,what a crazy movie.

ty very much kreilly

@anomali Done, Enjoy

Very happy!
Team America: World Police

*Funny as Hell
*The Puppets
*The Characters

*Sometimes the villian got annoying

Overall: Team America is one of the best comidies of the year. Hands down!
Just got back from driving 50 miles to see a sneak preview of "Team America: World Police". I suspect that not many people know about this film yet. I thought that the movie might be amusing, but it surpassed my wildest expectations. Quickest way to say what kind of movie it is is just to say it was made by the creators of "South Park." But frankly I never cared that much for South Park. I also don't usually care for movies that have a lot of foul-mouthed language, but this turned out to be the exception. Usually I go for very thoughtful movies and I mostly avoid the gross-out types.
So was it funny? When I go to see a good comedy I expect to laugh fairly often. There were only a few minutes in Team Police when I STOPPED laughing.
There's sex, violence and gore and all the characters are MARIONETTES! They actually had to cut out parts of the sex to get an "R" rating. And this is between puppets who are NOT anatomically correct! In fact that's the whole point, you can see all the puppet joints in all the limbs.
There are a bunch of real-world characters represented with quite a few hollywood stars (Alec Baldwin being the most prominent). And there are lots of inside jokes about other movies.
This flick is also has very funny songs by Trey Parker. And speaking of limbs, I'm about ready to go out on one by predicting that this flick could become a BIG cult classic. This is definately not a movie for all tastes. A lot of people are going to HATE it. That's fine. I suspect that many more will go back to see it a number of times, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is a very funny movie about terrorism, something a lot of us need right now. As expected from the makers of South Park, this movie spares nobody's feelings, regardless of ideology or anything else. It's really impossible to adequately describe this flick. Get in on the ground floor. See it before it becomes a cult classic. Opens nationwide Oct 15.
Posting review later...
This movie was absolutely genius. I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

True, this movie is out to offend everyone, but because of that you're likely to enjoy the movie more than be offended by it.

The directors' spot-on commentary on Hollywood and the mockery that it is made this movie one I will want to see again.

And at the end of the day, even if you aren't laughing at the dialogue, you have to die laughing at the fact that all the characters are freaking PUPPETS!

And as a last note I never thought I would see a puppet puke and pass out.