The A-Team
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The A-Team 2010

A group of Iraq War veterans looks to clear their name with the U.S. military, who suspect the four men of committing a crime for which they were framed...

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Imdb rating: 6.8

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Good flick. A nice adaptation of the TV series with enough references and homage to the original and a clean boot to a new storyline. As of late, I have been wondering what Liam Neeson is doing with all these action films, but I must say, it is nice to have a solid actor in an action film .I definitely adds a lot to the mix.
Certainly if you are not into this type of movie, you won't be won over, but as far as blow-up-the-bad-guy-military-movies go, this one with fun and worth the time spent watching.
And hats off to the rest of the cast. They all bring an angle to the film that was not expected.
I forgot how much fun this movie was.
Better than the Expendables (first) in SOME cases, but definitely no match for the Expendables 2
Just awesome! totaly better than the Expendables and incredible cast!
I don't know about being better then the Expendables but has extremely funny parts. Pretty good though, good cast.
I hope there will be a second one!

"Ha great thing, like it

It's A Good Movie & I Thought It Was A Bit Differant Then The T.V. Show From The 80's But Over All I Like It. 5 Thumbs Up

I have to say that I was proven wrong. w/ this cast of actors in these roles, i was expecting a floater that just wouldnt go down the toilet. what i ended up w/ was an excellent action movie, that while did not follow the original 100%, was definitely a nice twist w/ plenty of relation to the original. I was pleasantly surprised at Rampage Jackson, who pulled off Mr. T's roll much better than I would have ever expected. while his part did not really require a whole lot of intensive acting, i was expecting him to ruin this movie. And the thing that really did it for me was the guy who played Murdock...that guy had me rolling during the 'you spin me right round baby right round' clip of the movie....cant really explain why, but i thought it was funny as hell. I say 8/10 due to the excellent action sequences and the surprise I got from being much better than expected