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Awesome awesomeness. @LivingDeadGirl They are hot aren't they?
awesome movie. ty uploaders
Planning on watching it tonight, plus I saw that you liked
Extracted with Sasha Roiz I will check that out also.
No, I haven't but i will definitely check them out.
Thanks for the info I am always on the look out for interesting movies.
have u seen his older movies? Dark Harbor,Floating,Sand,and Til The Night are all pretty good!
Then you will like The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day too. 8.9/10
My love for Norman Reedus lead me to watch this movie and I am not disappointed. It was smart, entertaining and all the actors played great. Plus Norman and Sean are hot as hell.
This movie is great, it is a must watch movie, I totally enjoyed it and had a good laugh, a good emotional moment and some OMG moments XD
Welp wat did you expect mate :P Only in rare occasions, forinstance like: the Godfather or the LOTR are sequals able to top the first one :P yeah, people that haven't seen the green mile, pulp fiction the Shining ETC..And if you ask them..Soo what DID you see then? OMG, I've like totally seen twilight, Harald and Kumar, dude where is my car and all the britjit Jones films...XD Should be a class at highschool, once a week a classic like Cassablanca XD
LoL yah I sometimes forget that they are just as many movie fanatics on this site as I am, In my everyday life I come across so many people that haven't seen these movies and my only reply is "just what crappy movies have you been watching then?" people who never heard of movies like "Goodfellas" "Casino" "Blow", People that just depress me when we talk about movies... To bad Boondock Saints 2 wasn't up to par with the first one "imo"