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Still a good movie. Hue
awesomw sci-fi movie
Pretty good movie. The end song is 'Stop Cryin' Your Heart Out' by Oasis. I had never heard of them before this film. Haha! Good band... good film.
one of my favorite movies for sure
i watched this yesterday again first time in years and its still a great flick
and that got a thumbs down because ???
I really dont get it, some people must just go around disliking everybodies comments just for the sake of it!
Not a big AK fan but this movie has rewatchability oozing from its pores ...nobody reads these things much do they

The is a great movie. Watched it two times

I fought along with 400 other people to see this movie last night, in a premier. I loved this movie. I don't care much for Ashton K. Maybe it's cause I haven't seen him act in a real role, but this was a good role for him, and he did it well. I thought the plot was great. All the acting was good. Go see thi movie when it comes out, you will like it if your into seeing something different on the screen.
Ok, so here's the deal, this would be my first entry. Why? I have no idea. Let's get to the down right Zac is one of my best friends. Has been since oh I don't know...Freshman Year. People come to us if they need to talk to someone, again I don't know why, maybe because we actually DO help people. We don't charge either...hmm...maybe we should start charging, make some good money. No but we have not had problems with girls, giving advice to our friend Clint has always been the way it was. It's sad really, a guy who is 19 and has only had 1 girlfriend, it's okay though, his time will come. He already blew it with Nicole...big mistake. :down: There will always be more fish in the sea as I think that's how it goes.

More importantly, giving advice is just natural for us (Zac and I), it's just something we're good at. If you need to talk to anyone, email me or him...we can help. I've talked a girl out of suicide before so I think I can deal with a lot. That was a long night...anyway, Clint is lonely. I plead his case to many, but no luck...I don't understand, maybe it's just him. :fresh: