The Dinosaur Project
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The Dinosaur Project 2012

A British expedition formed by the lead researcher Jonathan Marchant, his assistant, a doctor and a TV crew, travels to Congo to seek evidence of a dinosaur. A local guide and the...

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Imdb rating: 4.7


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I loved the movie. I thought is was as good as Jurassic Park
god! 30mins in and i had to turn it off >.< just really couldnt stand the acting, the special effect on the dinosaurs are pretty cool tho. That kid who stowed away? come off it, such a small room you'd see him sneaking onto the plane, come to think of it.. howd the boy get frm the hotel to the plane? .. just unbelievable, *switches camera on and shouts* "SO! I've stowed away" lol.
Very entertaining!
This show was a little to close to "The River" series, But I thought the movie was great.

I liked the idea of the film, it was neat. 6/10

amazing movie quite good in my opinion. This reminds me so much of Jurassic park which I wish they would come out with more in the future. Loved it! 10/10

Ooh I really liked that movie. Always enjoy a good Dino flick, especially these days when they're so hard to come by. Very enjoyable!

ok movie ok dinos ok overall

haha ;) Now that's an offer I can't refuse! :P

Wow that was bad. I genuinely think I could do better with a camcorder and a cast of acting students... I'm pretty sure I could render more impressive dinosaurs on my laptop too.