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I remember watching this movie in the cinema and I loved it. It made me cry. The performances are incredible and the story is told in such a way that one's emotions will stir. I totally recommend watching this gem of a movie to anyone who hasn't seen it!
great movie 9/10
this is a good movie, with Tom Hanks. It keeps a pretty serious tone, while also being somewhat quirky and funny.
@exhale7653: Makes me cry too. Deep, contemplative, riveting drama with superb performances. It is difficult to watch this now, after Michael Clarke Duncan's death in his early 50s. I am thankful for his work, and this film will certainly live on as a tribute to his skill and passion for acting.
watching this always makes me cry, it IS one of the very best movies i have seen.................Xj.cX
This movie is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!Tom Hanks was amazing but Michael Clarke Duncan was Mesmerizing.Yes the movie is 3 hours long but it's worth every minute.You will go through a whole lot of emotions watching this but it's a movie you will never forget.
This is a Must for everyone. 10/10 Bring the tissues....

I love this movie.. I cried so much.. ;( it's in my top 5! RIP Michael Clarke Duncan.

i bought a dvd but sadly it went missing good thing about the internet i am able to watch this again! RIP Big Mike!

RIP Michael Clarke Duncan. I had to watch this again when I heard that you passed. This movie will always be in my top 10.

Never fails to get old this one