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Realy good movie! Epic ending!
this is 1 of the best war films iv seen.
I am a young, sixteen year old movie reviewer and critic and there is absolutely nothing to criticize this movie about. Absolutely stunning, the visuals were perfect. I am a huge war fan, and the war movies I watch need to meet a high standard, and this one went beyond that standard. I cannot put into words how this movie is so well put together, and the Directors purpose, most people wont understand it. I absolutely loved it. 10/10
Boring as hell.
This is one of the best movies in history!!
Brilliant peace of work
Powerful drama!! Not that much blood to gross you out. But the action is dramatic. If you really want to know a real synosis of the Iraq war.( In one point of view) Watch the movie. It's a movie so they still exaggerate the character. But in a view few of us think about. Plus the movie was filmed in Iraq to make it that much more surreal. The movie No End In Sight about the Iraq war is a documentary, And this is a movie. If you don't like talking about a pink elephant in your living room. Don'******* the movie. Like I said it powerful. Masterpiece in my eyes, the moive will be up for awards. Because it so believable.
great movie - don't miss it
Saw this yesterday. The small theater was packed. It's nonstop action about men fighting in Iraq and war and fighting as a drug. It's a little like watching the evening news ******** engrossing and gives you a real sense of ********* like being there. My husband wanted to see Borat but I thought this would be more socially responsible. It wasn't wrong! If you want a good war movie, see this.
This movie is ********** as real as it gets without actually being real. Everyone should see this. I had to go to Evanston just to see it since it isn't on a screen in my area. Its pitiful that movies like I love you Beth Cooper get a screen in my area instead of this. It was worth the drive and if you are a vet like me you will like it, and if you are not you will like it too. Outstanding!