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A good movie. I don't usually like to read subs, but this was an exception.
Putain c'est puissant! Effing powerful!
A must watch indeed. 10/10
This movie is really good, The best ! I think is also a lesson of life, because it is a true story !
You must watch this , feel good factor garantee, the biggest french blockbuster in the last 10 years! 9/10
This movie is one of the BEST films I have seen in a long time. Automatic favorite and an automatic MUST SEE! Beautiful movie!
This is still my #1 and I tell anyone who'll listen that they need to see it.
Friendship without pity. People come into your life for a reason. Based on true events. LOVED IT. 10/10
Oh my god , the best French movie ever based on a true story 10\10 the best for real
LoL seems good
Bummer. I am looking forward to this one as well--hoping to watch it this week! Be sure to report the movie that wasn't in English if it didn't have subtitles. That's the only way mods will know to remove it. From other comments, it does look like there are versions that are either in English or that have subtitles. Maybe PM @EL3G, he was the last person to comment on the movie, to find out which link he was able to watch? Good luck.