The Karate Kid
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The Karate Kid 2010

Work causes a single mother to move to China with her young son; in his new home, the boy embraces kung fu, taught to him by a master...

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Not a very bad movie! Jaden is coming up in the world of movies/entertainment industry.
I felt Jaden was a very good actor in this movie. (Not sure why ppl think otherwise in 'After Earth')
A good remake ^^
I saw this a few years back, it was kinda silly.
Using a snippet of "Remember the name" with the cursing cut out really didn't make sense.

i know

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It is not free. U lie

games are fun
do you


jackie chan keeps telling dre, "Jack it off!" which is a little weird.

Okay, I take it back, this movie was amazing. I understand now. The black kid is the minority in china. Rough - Jackie Chan makes a WAAAAY Better Mr. Miyagi. This movie is EXCELLENT. Five Plutos and Jupiters. A +++ Recommended. Great family movie. Those Chinese kids are Freakin Roofless.