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such a good movie.
Miley Cyrus today should watch this movie and see how far she as fallen from grace. A good movie...
So this is the movie that put miley and Liam together huh? Never knew what brought them together but now I know.
I have to agree with a lot of the comments it's a real heartwarming film with a good cast of actors who really make the story come alive. However Miley Cyrus is just off somehow I wouldn't blame her acting ability but she does have this thing like she was going through major dental treatment whilst making the movie and it does take away from it as she has this strange lisp and pout which is frankly distracting and then the fake piano so she has been edited just out of time. But if you can forgive the above I think it will touch say fans of " Beaches " a pleasant watch but could have been a classic without Miley 8/8/10
@harry_parker still having the same thought?
i may not be a fan of hers but i personally think her songs are good. and so is this movie
I actually enjoyed this movie more than expected, because going in I was looking to get a few laughs. 7/10.
such a good movie!! :)
A nostalgic 2010 Movie, A must watch if you are a Miley Fan!
never say never, linker@Lovatic

love the movie real sad, just could not get over her bad acting

Good film, love it!
Kinda sad though.
Also makes me wish I could get a boyfriend, but we all know that'll never happen. :'(