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@Darthintrepid i meant this movie in particular, not the whole website.
I really love this Movie! And i'm absolutly in love With Legolas hahahah!!!
@jackob125 the rings powers just give him super strength.
one of the best movie i ever seen
@nekkou That's what happens a lot of times, when the host sites compressed and encode the video. Their are some that maintain excellent resolution, and accept larger files, but that is a discussion better left to the forums, rather than the comments/reviews section.
@moviemonkey This is perhaps better suited to the discussion forums, but if quite a few are like that, I'll say this here for general knowledge (I've viewed several reports on this issue).
When the video loads, and begins to buffer, right click on the player, and there will be an option to adjust the video size. Try each one, until it fits within your borders.
all of the links are squished. the video resolution is not the original. wtf?
none of the HD links are HD, it seems. they're all some sort of pixelated!
Watched it so many times, its that good
great movie!
Always worth watching again!
The best movie in the trilogy