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it was way better than i expected. everybody shoul watch this once at least
loved it... specially the part when the people start going religious crazy...religion is bad, worst than the monsters.. i like it that they criticize religion.
2nd time i see it... Yes you can't forget the final of this movie 8) Nothing incredible about the special effects, but a passionating movie. TY !
Interesting way to end it ! Good film but I think you would have to be a Suspense, Horror, Science Fiction or Stephen King fan to enjoy it. I would say not for everyone, but good for me 8/10
This was not bad. The ending was cool.
You can find plently of Steohen King's books to films here on solaria
Anybody who enjoyed this should also check out Dreamcatcher if you havnt already seen it. It's another novel turned film written by Stephen King.
The Novella by Stephen King was much better than the movie was...though I have seen the movie a couple times now... The ending is still one that, makes me ask the question Why? the ending of the Novella I feel was better, leaves you wondering...
though the movie is sci-fi/horror, it deals with the human behavior n reactions under difficult circumstances.
I thought exactly same was such an unexpected ending great watch 9/10.