The Ninth Gate
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The Ninth Gate 1999

A rare book dealer, while seeking out the last two copies of a demon text, gets drawn into a conspiracy with supernatural overtones...

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Dood I think this is one of the most underrated Johnny Depp Films, I love the occult, and I really liked this movie, if anyone has an affinity for the occult then check this out and follow the journey of a Rare book Collector/seller and he authenticates a book said to be written by the Devil himself, once he travels down the rabbit hole things will never be the same, full of mystery, suspense, intrigue, and good ole fashion creepiness...
The pace is slow because it is a suspense / mystery film. A 'slow' pace is almost to be expected. And the ending isn't nonsense at all. It is meant to symbolize that he has succeeded where Balkan and Tefler failed.
worst film, slow paced, non sense ending.
Don't waste your time!
writing, directing, acting and editing were all excellent but the camera work gave this flick its distinctive ambient mood - lighting, lenses and folks who know how to use a camera.
Now you got ME wanting to watch it again. This, Devil's Advocate, and End Of Days are a few of my faves.
hot dam' you all i swear..I REMEMBER THIS..gonna watch it again..without a lot of special effects and bodily fluids, THIS IS A SPOOKY FLICK.
WAR OF THE WORLDS- Im keeping this one fresh plus one. Actually I would rather give it a 7.5. I just don't think that it deserves an 8. Don't get me wrong. It is a great film. It was 2 hours of nothing but action. It was awesome. I just think that it is very very lacking. It doesn't really explain much of anything. Nothing about the aliens or the machines or really anything else. But it is very action packed, has great acting, and wonderful drama. A very very good film. It left a lot to your imagination. Which can be good or bad. After I spoke with a friend here at work, he said that that is the whole point of the story. That it is all left to your imagination. It is originally based on the radio broadcast. Which frightened all of America, because it sounded like live news over the radio. Until the end of the daily broadcast when they found out it was a radio show. But he told me that that is the whole point; that it is all left to your own imagination.

THE NINTH GATE- I gave this one an 8. I probably rather give it a 7.5 also. A very thought provoking story. It had my cousin and me wondering if this is actually a real book that the movie was made from. Maybe it is a real book and the story was just elaborated on (of course). It is very imaginative and I really did enjoy it. It is something that you can watch more than once.

Well today, thats it. Those are the only 2 movies that I have for now. Although last night I did watch Passion of the Christ. Which was awesome by the way. But I will rate that one on another occassion.


Here's something that happened yesterday:

One of our friends from NZ is over on a research trip/vacation and she gave a talk in Nancy's department. She was discussing some interview results that she got in looking at older women's perceptions of health in rural NZ. So she included a quote from one of her interviews that went something like this:

"Yes, I try really hard to manage my health. I make an effort do always do healthy things like exercising and eating right. And I also try to avoid ever doing unhealthy things, like sitting around and reading a book."

Like sitting around and reading a book

Unbelievable! Those wacky farmers are just crazy!

So I guess it's only fitting that we followed that up by watching a movie about books last night, The Ninth Gate by Roman Polanski with Johnny Depp starring. All in all, I liked it pretty well. While Polanski by all accounts appears to be a fairly awful person, he certainly has great skill as a film maker. Ninth Gate is just beautifully shot - a number of scenes are really creatively framed, and he's an absolute master at subtly conveying important information without banging you over the head with it. Johnny Depp, as usual, is really good too. He plays an unscrupulous rare book dealer who has been hired to verify the provenance of a collector's rare book. There are only three copies in existence, and in theory the book can be used to summon Satan, thus conveying great power to whoever actually does the summoning. Most of the people are interested in acquiring this power, and that's where all the plot/drama comes from as they jockey for information and access to it.

I found the movie gripping. I really enjoyed the feel of it, and the acting in it is quite good throughout. The ending (well, the whole film really) has been pretty uniformly criticised by reviewers, but I thought it was ok. I do have a couple of problems with the plot though. One is that the answer to the 'mystery' of the books is obvious from the point Depp sees the second copy of the book (at least that's when I figured it out, if you're really clever you could probably deduce it from his first stop in Europe...). The second is that mysteries about books are never really about the books - The Rule of Four is about friendship, The Secret History is about trust, The Name of the Rose is about power, Foucault's Pendulum is about, ummmm, well, still not sure on that one. But you get the point. The Ninth Gate in it's book form is probably about power too (that's my suspicion, though I haven't read it), and the transformation of Depp from being merely unscrupulous to becoming something significantly more evil. Problem is, the film doesn't really illustrate this transformation at all, which I found frustrating. I think that is why a lot of people think that it fizzles out at the end.

Still, overall, I really enjoyed watching it! It creates an interesting atmosphere and keeps you engaged. As I said before, it is a beautifully constructed film from a visual standpoint. And if you like Johnny Depp, he's in pretty much every single shot for over 2 hours.... so there's that too. Definitely worth a watch, I think.

This morning I took a couple of interesting shots of Audubon, our least-blogged-about cat. They show him engaging in one of his favourite pasttimes - chasing the sunbeam across the floor: