The Piano
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The Piano 1993

A mute woman along with her young daughter, and her prized piano, are sent to 1850s New Zealand for an arranged marriage to a wealthy landowner, and she's soon lusted after by a local worker on the plantation...

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I was learning the piano when this film came out. Bought the sheet music at Tower Records (remember that place?) and spent hours banging away until I finally got a couple pieces down. You could watch this film for no other reason than Michael Nyman's UNPARALLELED movie score and still be enamored.
But there's so much more. Jane Campion does it once again with a film that is both peculiar and powerful- capturing the hauntingly beautiful landscape of New Zealand in the 19th century, and the hauntingly beautiful landscape of a woman's soul. The film took home 3 academy awards, including Holly Hunter's best actress and Anna Paquin's best supporting actress.
Talk about one cheesy chick flick. Take away the female nudity and Anna Paquin, and you ain't got shit.
Oh, luckily they're showing The Piano on TV tonight. I think this is my most favorite movie of all time. It's perfect from beginning to end. I love the acting, the script, the emotions and conflicts, the soundtrack by Michael Nyman, I could die when I listen to it. There is nothing I don't love about this movie. It's even a turn on. :p Even Harvey Keitel suddenly seems attractive in this movie, although I think in general he's not attractive to me at all. And this is the movie in which I saw for the first time how brilliant Holly Hunter is. I think she's really an amazing, talented actress. I still wished she had won the Oscar for Thirteen.

I must have watched this movie about 15 times already. I even owned the videotape once, but my damn father lost it when I gave it to him once. I could still kill him for it. Maybe I'll get me the DVD one day. Grrr. Or some guy buys myself to live with him on an isle like that and so on. :p
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A sexy, well-acted movie.

Pro: The cinematograhpy is noteworthy. Paquin & Hunter both are great.

Con: Overdone dramatically. Keitel doesn't fit the role. The affair never felt real...we are just strung along to believe it.

Well, quite a different film from what most people expect me to like, but I did like it, actually, I loved it. It has many great things about it, such as the most beautiful breath-taking landscapes and the most delightful soundtrack that manages to show us what Ada feels and can't say. It touched me in a way I almost can not describe. I have a special love for things I can identify with and I could definitely identify with this. I think Ada was quite an odd peculiar woman with strength and power I wish I had and Holly Hunter portrayed her very well, she is a wonderful character and everything about her is just worth of praise. Also, one of the last scenes, where she attempts to commit suicide in the company of her piano is one of the most memorable scenes I've had the chance to witness, and the fact she changes her mind and tell us her will has chosen life is pure poetry, and it's one of the things that I love most in this movie - her will.

Harvey Keitel's character- Baines -, is also quite great, and it has the ability of gaining our sympathy and love, and approval.

I recommend it, to anyone who can enjoy a great film.
El Piano es una de las pel
The Piano
Sometimes boring for some minutes, but overall great atmosphere.
Mainly of course because of the great score.
I don't speak very much either btw. ;o)