The Strangers
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The Strangers 2008

A young couple staying in an isolated vacation home are terrorized by three unknown assailants...

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Also, it's based off another film, called "Them" (or Ils in French), which is also available here on Solar
This film is only loosely based on any real events. It wasn't actually a specific murder, but an idea inspired by the Manson/Helter Skelter murders and others.
i wonder if the woman liv tyler played really survived or if they just added that little part at the end with the little boy just for suspense...?
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor.
lunatics are in my hall
The concept of home invasion is just scary, isn't it? Maybe that's why this simple story is so effectively unnerving. It's nowhere near the best scary movie I've seen, but it has some legitimate scare your pants off moments, and surprisingly superb performances from Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler. She probably wished she had her Elf princess powers then.
This movie is being shot in my town, its pretty cool.
I went to the midnight showing and everyone in the theater was screaming. It is a suspenseful movie that does not have all the gore that many horror films have today. Scary because it really happened. I would recommend to anybody and everybody
There was absolutely no plot line or character development! As usually the main characters are so Stupid that by the end of the movie you want them to die. Honestly I expected so much more from Liv Tyler!! My little sister could have written a scarier movie then this! Yuck!
I went to see it today with two good female friends of mine, we were jumping. And even as a dude, I was jumping from time to time. I mean as far as suspense goes this movie tops any suspense movie out there, real talk. Also the horror factor is pretty good to, I mean you feel sad that this actually happened in real life, to real people. But yeah it was a good film.