The Thing
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The Thing 1982

Scientists in the Antarctic are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills...

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@meeksbam D@mn skippy Meek. I have watched this Classic more than any other horror....My personal favorite.
one word to describe this film... CLASSIC!!! The End.
john carpenter originated the gooey monster bursting forth from someone's body.. many have copied it so that, now, it's commonplace, but it blew us all away when it first came out (so to speak).
No CGI, just classic. The way it should be.
Haaaha! Thats true!
@lizaw With Kurt Russell's hair, and sissy acting you could technically pass him off as the female heroine ;) Loved this movie, definitely found the same thing weird.. Considering they starred two female roles for the "prequel"
this movie is great! It's one of those "the more times I watch it, the more I like it:. The only complaint is that there are no female actors:( Not fair! I know it's kinda old and stuff but still!
Ewww! I can just hear the people now. When this movie debuted in '82, it must have been absolutely grotesque. The Thing has some of the best make up and effects that I have ever seen, which is even more remarkable considering the year it was made in. Although it is a remake, Carpenter has made something of his own here. Starring Kurt Russel, who does a solid job again, this movie is set in a cold and desolate Antarctica science research facility. The setting is actually one of my favorite parts of the movie. From the opening shots of the barren wasteland, you realize that these characters are going to be in big trouble once things start to go wrong. And you can bet that things go very, very wrong. The crew stumbles across an empty alien spacecraft that has crashed in the ice and from then on they are stalked by a terrifying creature. Here's the beauty of it though; this Thing attacks its victims by imitating whatever it can get itself into. In this case, the poor men stationed at the research facility. This is where the film excels, because the men are stuck in Antarctica in the middle of a snow storm just waiting for the Thing to make its next move. Another highlight of this movie is the great score from Ennio Morricone that captures the isolation and terror of this movie so well. Filled with some extremely tense scenes and great direction from John Carpenter, this movie tells a great story. The Thing is a Sci Fi/Horror Classic.
A classical Masterpiece
My good that sceard the shit out of me and that never really happens.