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I liked this film, thought it was really good and moving. I think the actors really convey their feelings in a compelling and believable way. Interesting that it was based on a true story!
Love Rachel McAdams!
..... yeah. this movie wasn't so great for me. i found myself just waiting and waiting for it to get good. it was overly dramatic but in an unrealistic way. i guess it just felt that there was just tension added upon tension and really not much substance.
interesting that it was based on a true story!
i love you Rachel McAdams
Had to watch this film before going to sleep, Sweet $ sad, Based on true events. The end was original. It could of been slightly longer, Overall good. A film i would recommend to watch :):):)
so sad, he really loved her. and it was a true story.
Well I was going to watch this, but now I know how it ends?

I liked it. The ending could have been better though, other than that it was pretty good.

really cute....but have to say the end could have been better

same thing actually! i was expecting a powerful ending! but il's a good movie though!

awww, really nice movie, 9/10