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@FundorSwift; well said. I agree with your review. This movie felt like it could have been GREAT, and landed on mediocre eye-candy. Seems they spent most of their effort on graphics and visual effects, and left out the substance of a well crafted story line and script. Hoping if Disney takes us on another trip to The Grid, we will find ourselves on a more meaningful journey.
It seemed that much of the depth of the story was missing. But other than that it was an okay watch. Nothing I would watch again, but some neat ideas were incorporated. The graphics were great. 6 out of 10 stars for me.

Great Movie and one of the best soundtracks! Daft Punk :)

Awesome Movie! Used PutLocker link

pretty much all these links are dead.

Hopefully, it won't be another 28 years for a Sequel.