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V/H/S 2012

When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for...

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am i the only one who didnt get the point of this movie
i've watched Mama -loved it!!
Sinister too -REALLY liked that one -was pretty clever!
Not heard of Grave Encounters -shall check it out....as for disturbing....HOW disturbing are we talking?...maybe inbox me?? (I have no idea how this works!LOL!)...
OOOHHHH check out The Silent House if you haven't already -there's a Spanish one and an American one -I watched the Spanish one first (it was made first)....i prefer that one...but that's just my opinion!! = )
Watched "V/H/S". I wanted to watch this one first before I watched the second one. This is a series of short scary/horror films caught on homemade vhs tapes. A group of guys go into a house to retrieve a vhs tape for blackmail money and end up watching a few homemade horror movies during the theft. There are about 5 or 6 shorts and some are better than others(I liked the first one the best).After the first story, you know somethings coming up in the next ones that just add tension and anticipation to what's coming next. Theres alot of scary parts and gory scenes throughout. Not too bad overall. I would give it 6 out of 10 stars.
thanks I will definately check them out!! as far as what u would like, that depends-do u like ghost type scary stuff,disturbing,gore films,or psychological thrillers??as far as ghost/paranormal scary,i would say "Mama", Sinister, Grave Encounters 1 & 2,and V/H/S 2..If u can handle disturbing stuff, Martyrs, High Tension, and Inside (all foreign films but in English)..
and if you haven't yet watched "The Bay" -that's a good one or "The Tunnel"...and the epic (for me, but one scene's a smidge distressing i warn you now) "Megan is Missing"
...any you think I might like???
when i'd tried to reply to you -it said i wasn't writing in English -this robot wouldn't know English if it slapped it upside it's CPU!LOL!
*rant ends*
and thanks i see the other one in the library now!!! = ) watching it next!!!
so excited (hope i haven't built myself up too high!!)
@MariaAQuinn Whats telling you your not writing in english???? and please slash my last comment for part 2 of this movie,it is now added to Solars libary (V/H/S 2) enjoy..........
It's telling me i'm not writing in English apparently!!!Eh ok!!
I know alot of ppl don't like this b/c it is filmed like TBWP and Paranormal Activity,but I disagree I think it makes the film seem more real,and I really enjoyed this movie.I have seen so many horror films,it takes alot to scare me- rarely do I see a movie that does-there were parts of this that actually made a chill run down my spine.Not sure what it was about it,but it makes me very happy when i watch something that does..makes me feel "alive"If anyone can recommend other movies that might do the same, i would appreciate it !
part 2 of this is out pm me for the link