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despicable me is the best

the only true funny part was when that girl hit Edward in the head and said "Team Jacob B%$3!!" at least that was the only the only laughable part

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matt lanter is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than rpattz
marmite movie!

Edward Sullen is hotter then Edward Cullen :l no offense Rob.Pat

This movie was crap.But the funny thing is that there was more chemistry between bella and edward then in the actual movies, I also liked the actor for edward better in this movie then the actual ones.

why all of the videos has no voice but has a background muisic?

which link do I go2 so that i can watch it wit them talkin

I liked it. As a movie it's not great, but as a parody of twilight it hits everything about how stupid the franchise is. Funnily enough, I felt more of a chemistry between this Bella and Edward than the actual Twilight ones.

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