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Got to love this movie. even though I usually don't watch movies like this. I just got so hooked becouse it was so funny, absurd and epic (so crasy stuff going on that all I could do was laugh). Love Emma Roberts one of the best actors ever!
like this movie...bad i didn't watched it in movie theater.
but yeah in this movie she's really wild her act in movie.her steps on tambourine was awesome.i love it.
This movie is an awesome movie. Sometimes Discipline is needed when it comes to children. There was some suspense parts, and some funny parts.
I like this movie. Even ever inappropriate word and bird that Emma Roberts came up with. Lol Super cute movie!
I've enjoyed this film.
Emma Roberts was great in this movie. Gotta say they could have cut back on the inappropriate words and finger there but other than that I thought it was a great movie. I guess that's partially because I like all things British. Anyway, I would say it's worth the watch. Would I watch it again? Probably, but not in the near future. I also really liked Georgia King and Juno Temple in this movie. some real good acting there!
they're jus' a mare's nest of gigglin' trouble, those girls.
Appropriate for teenage viewing, this movie has some good messages and is refreshingly clean. It did feel a bit like a Lifetime movie, and some of the acting was a bit hard to palate. But it touches on a lot of issues in different ways; loss, grief, friendship, honor, loyalty, parent/child relationships, love...Was okay for a one time watch.
Emma Roberts from We're The Millers did a great job with the comedy and an over all good job. She is a fresh young talent that is really starting to make a name for herself.
What a cute, funny, and enjoyable movie this was. A movie like this isn't normally my cup of tea but none-the-less it was completely enjoyable. It has a definate rewatch value to it. I rate at an 8.5/10.